Monday, 29 June 2009

Welcome to the Hertford Sangha

Welcome to the Hertford Sangha blog. We meet every Tuesday (details to the right) and the evening is broken down as follows:

From 7.15 to 8.15 we introduce ourselves, explain one of the two meditations we practise and then sit in meditation for about half an hour. Don't worry if you've never done this before, we'll tell you what to do. You don't need to be a Buddhist to come for this, meditation is suitable for all people of all ages. If you have your own meditation cushion, please bring it along.

From 8.15 to 9.15 we'll explain the other meditation practise and then sit for about 20 minutes or so. We'll also discuss aspects of the Dharma which is the Buddha's teachings. If you're not a Buddhist, you're welcome to stay, but there is no obligation.

You are welcome to attend either, or both, sessions. Admission is free but a donation to help cover the cost of the room is always welcome.

We're a small, friendly group and we always welcome new people. If you're interested, please come along one evening and find out more.