About us

The group is part of an international Buddhist movement called the Triratna Buddhist Community. Please see further down the page for details of other Triratna groups and centres in the immediate region.
Triratna means ‘Three Jewels’ and refers to the Three Jewels of Buddhism; the Buddha, his teaching known as the Dharma and the Buddhist community known as the Sangha.
Where else can I go?
You may wish to visit other groups or find a group closer to where you live or work.  eg Broxbourne Buddhist Group or the London Buddhist Centre in Bethnal Green.  This converted fire station is a large thriving centre with many activities happening.  There are many events like the lunchtime classes (1-2pm Monday to Saturday), the Wednesday morning class and Tuesday and Wednesday evening classes that are on a drop in basis as well as courses (usually 6 or 8 weeks long) that you can book.   You can just pop in to have a look or visit the excellent bookshop, the centre is open Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm.
Colchester has a Buddhist Centre that is well worth visiting, as does Cambridge, please check the opening times if you are planning to visit.  
Each Triratna group or centre will have its own character due to geography, local culture and personalities, however  the practices and vision that inform the teaching will stem from the same tradition, so even in other parts of the country and beyond  much will be familiar and you will be welcome.

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