Monday, 25 October 2010

On Saturday 23rd October, the Triratna Buddhist Community in Hertford gave a public demonstration of meditation at Bircherly Green Shopping Centre from 10 to 12am. Here's Rory and friends outside Boots the Chemist. Our local group were supported by four others from the Cambridge Buddhist Centre. Passing shoppers stopped to ask about meditation and were invited to 'come and see'. We could hear children asking "What are they doing?" and some Mums replying "Sleeping!" whilst others said "Meditating". We gave out about 100 leaflets about our activities and made a new friend when a photojournalism student stopped by to take some pics and said he would definitely come at the end of term. The weather wasn't too cold but we were all glad to finish the morning with a warming coffee at Serendipity cafe.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Street meditation in Hertford

On Saturday 23rd October and again on Saturday 6th November, Buddhists in Hertford will be giving a public demonstration of meditation at Bircherly Green Shopping Centre from 10.15 to 12.15. Anyone who wants to have a go is welcome to join us. Meditation is good for calming and concentrating the mind, creating inner peace and space for personal development. Meditation in a shopping centre throws into contrast the business of our everyday lives and shows us how to restore harmony to our experience.

The Hertford Buddhist Sangha is a local group affiliated to the Triratna Buddhist Community. We meet every Tuesday evening to practice meditation at the Mill Bridge Rooms in Maidenhead Yard from 7.15 - 9.30pm. There are over 50 local Triratna Buddhist Community groups in Britain and activities in about 30 countries around the world. To find out about your local group, visit or phone 07754 - 930902 or email