Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Our First Birthday!

Oh Happy Day! We celebrated our first birthday as a Hertford town centre meditation group last Tuesday 25th May. Although it's not strictly the first birthday of the group, it's enough past the exact date to confidently say 'Cheers'.

Friends of the FWBO and the Order of Interbeing were meeting irregularly in front rooms in Hertford for at least two years before the groups activities moved in April 2009 to the United Reform Church hall in Ware. A month later we moved to The Vaults in Hertford and then, in January 2010 to our present home, the Millbridge Room in Maidenhead Yard, Hertford. The date of the first recorded meeting in Hertford town centre was 12th May 2009. Since April 2009 then, Hertford Buddhist Sangha has met a total of 51 times in the town centre and seen altogether about 41 people through its doors. Initially our objective was to meet every week so that newcomers could rely on a regular meeting time and place. This has been achieved and to do this, we have together given about £700 to pay for room rental and other costs.

We have now taken a step forward as our confidence grows. Five people have made the committment to undertake the Triratna Buddhist Community Dharma training course, which involves not just home study and meditation but a monthly visit to Cambridge to meet with our teacher, Suvarnagarbha. We are being contacted regularly by people interested in trying meditation with us and we have good reason to hope that our Sangha will grow even more in 2010.

If you are interested in coming to meditation in Hertford, please
phone Rob on 07754-930902