Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Brahma Viharas

Since September we have been following the theme of the Three Fold Path - that's Ethics, Meditation and Wisdom. Lately, we have been looking more closely at samatha meditation, to develop calm and concentration. During the first session every Tuesday, we practice the Mindfulness of Breathing to help calm our minds and concentrate on our breathing. After a break this is followed by the Development of Loving Kindness, a more imaginative samatha meditation, which helps us to develop friendliness and kindness for ourselves and others.

The Development of Loving Kindness is one of a set of four meditations called the Brahma Viharas, which are especially helpful to develop positive emotions and states of mind. They are the
Metta Bhavana - to develop loving kindness
Karuna Bhavana - to develop compassion
Mudita Bhavana - to develop sympathetic joy
Upekkha Bhavana - to develop positive equanimity

We are currently trying the Brahama Viharas on Tuesday evenings. You are welcome to join us and experience these meditations with us.